Julius Kaiser
Leipzig, Germany

Title: Public FTP Server...
Status: Informational

Published: 23 Oct 2023
Updated: 23 Oct 2023

Public FTP Server

I’m currently writing a MS-DOS tutorial.. and as the sources for disk-images, drivers, programs etc. pp. in the wild are somewhat volatile for such legacy systems, I’ve set up a public file transfer protocol (FTP) server to mirror these things. There’s not much on-line yet, but there will probably be more and more abandonware and other stuff like that available.

Come back for a directory listing from time to time.. ;-)

  • Address: ftp://ftp.jkdata.de
  • User: ftp
  • Password: any (e.g. your e-mail address)
  • Mode: passive

If you are the copyright owner of any digital asset I’m mirroring on this FTP server and you don’t want me to do so, please contact me! Should I have violated your copyright, it probably happend because I wanted to help preserving something that is not available anymore from the original or otherwise legitimate owners.