Julius Kaiser
Leipzig, Germany

Title: About
Status: Informational

Published: 27 Feb 2022
Updated: 13 Feb 2024

About Julius

I’m fascinated by computers since I can remember, with a special affinity for networks, text-based systems, 90ties productivity software etc. pp.. and this is my small web site! I have it because it’s a fun thing to run a “homepage on the web”.

My first site dates back to the dial-up era when I started to learn things like HTML & CSS as a kid. After many years without, I just like to have such a little project again.

If you’re browsing through this site and find anything that inspires you or just makes you smile, I’m happy for whatever deeper reason.

Here are some random facts about me using computers:

  • Operating Systems
    • I started using computers in the MS-DOS/ Windows 3.1 era
    • My favourite Windows version is Windows 2000 Professional
    • My first Linux distributions was SUSE Linux 6.2
    • My favourite Linux distribution nowadays is Alpine
    • My favourite UNIX-like is OpenBSD
  • I prefer using lightweight and terminal-based software
  • I’m an avid user of GNU Screen (a terminal multiplexer)
  • Editors
    • GNU Emacs for writing and editing source code
    • mg (originally called MicroGnuEmacs) for quick editing
  • Window Managers/ Desktop Environments
    • XFCE (with Chicago95) on general purpose machines
    • FVWM on more limited systems - and for fun!
    • xmonad where screen real estate is a scarse good
  • Other applications I’m using frequently
    • newsboat (RSS feed reader)
    • aerc (email client)
    • irssi (IRC client)
  • I’m using the Internet since the 56k era
  • I’m a big fan of the Small Web / IndieWeb movement
  • I’m not a gamer, but of cause I enjoyed quite a few games, among them: the Monkey Island series, Might and Magic III-V, SimCity 2000, Dungeon Keeper, Age of Empires I/II, Diablo I/II

That’s me 2023, now with glasses:

A photographic portrait of Julius, 2023

Tech Stack

A few technical facts about this website:

This site does not attempt to store cookies or apply any other tracking technologies on your device. Requests to the server are logged and may contain IP addresses and HTTP request headers.


You can use my public PGP key to send my encrypted e-Mail/ data.

Julius Kaiser
c/o Fsociety
Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 8
04107 Leipzig