Julius Kaiser

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Published: 27 Feb 2022
Updated: 23 Oct 2023

About this web site

This is my small web site; I have it because it’s a fun thing to run a “homepage on the web”. My first site dates back to the dial-up era when I started to learn things like HTML & CSS as a kid. After many years without, I just like to have such a little project again.

If you’re browsing through this site and find anything that inspires you or just makes you smile, I’m happy for whatever deeper reason.

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About Julius

I’m from Leipzig (Germany) and fascinated by computers since I can remember, with a special affinity for telecommunications networks, text-based systems, 90ties productivity software and the like. My other interests include photography, gardening, history, sci-fi, everything outer space. I also love cooking and hiking.

A photographic portrait of Julius, 2023


You can use my public PGP key to send my encrypted e-Mail/ data.

Julius Kaiser
c/o Fsociety
Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 8
04107 Leipzig