Julius Kaiser
Leipzig, Germany

Title: Documents
Status: Index

Published: 13 Mar 2022
Updated: 07 Feb 2024


Write-ups, HOWTOs, recipes etc. pp. Sorted by last update.

  • Welcome to my Happy Place!
    (published 2024-02-19, updated 2024-02-20)
    A laptop from 2005, my castle in the clouds, customer premise equipment to-go and other nerdy shenanigans.

  • Apache Guacamole on OpenBSD
    (published 2023-11-30, updated 2024-01-14)
    Apache Guacamole is a "clientless" remote desktop gateway similar to Citrix/ XenApp or Microsoft Remote Desktop Services, but free and open-source. Here's how to deploy it on OpenBSD.

  • Reverse SSH tunnels for remote port forwarding
    (published 2023-11-30, updated 2024-01-08)
    How to leverage reverse SSH tunnels to access hosts behind a firewall and/ or (CG)NAT over a public network.

  • My Miso Ramen Recipe
    (published 2023-10-28, updated 2023-11-03)
    Dear Japan, I'm sorry! Here's how I make Miso Ramen.

  • How to become an Internet service provider (ISP)
    (published 2023-10-27, updated 2023-10-27)
    Register public IP prefixes for an organisation and make them reachable globally.

  • Public Authoritative DNS with BIND on OpenBSD
    (published 2022-10-03, updated 2023-09-10)
    Configuring and operating public, authoritative nameservers using BIND on OpenBSD.

  • A Linux Desktop - Chicago-style
    (published 2022-07-03, updated 2022-11-11)
    A Linux-based (mobile) desktop that not only looks and feels like classic Windows - but also integrates well in a modern Microsoft-centric enterprise environment.