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Title: Links week 39/2023...
Status: Informational

Published: 30 Sep 2023
Updated: 30 Sep 2023

Links week 39/2023

Selected bookmarks since week 30/2023.

  • The Cynical Genius Illusion - “Exploring and Debunking Lay Beliefs About Cynicism and Competence” - 05/2018, O. Stavrova/ D. Ehlebracht

  • Earth beyond six of nine planetary boundaries - “This planetary boundaries framework update finds that six of the nine boundaries are transgressed, suggesting that Earth is now well outside of the safe operating space for humanity.” - 09/2023, Richardson/ Steffen/ Lucht/ Bendtsen/ Rockström

  • Israel’s water miracle - “Israel went from having a serious water problem to being a net water exporter to neighboring countries. Meanwhile, the population grew from ~1 million to well over 9 million.” - 07/2023, D. Zuegel

  • Direct Solar Power: Off-Grid Without Batteries - “Using solar panels without backup infrastructure makes renewable energy production much more affordable, efficient and sustainable.” - 08/2023, K. De Decker, lowtechmagazine.com

  • You’re barely managing - “I generally believe that most managers are barely managing.” - 09/2023, A. Antra

  • how thinking in a foreign language improves decision-making - “People hate the prospect of losing – but they hate it less in a foreign language” - 09/2023, D. Robson

  • The Cheapskate’s Guide to Computers and the Internet - “This website is dedicated to teaching readers how to save as much money as possible on computers and Internet services.”

  • The many vulnerabilities Talos discovered in SOHO and industrial wireless routers post-VPNFilter - 08/2023, Cisco Talos Intelligence Blog

  • CVE-2023-4809 - FreeBSD pf bypass when using IPv6 - 09/2023, E. Bassetti

  • The Internet Protocol Journal - “A Quarterly Technical Publication for Internet and Intranet Professionals”, Vol. 26 N. 1 - 06/2023

  • Grave flaws in BGP Error handling - “I took a brief diversion to investigate something, and what I came out with might be one of the most concerning things I’ve discovered for the reliability of the internet.” - 08/2023, B. Cartwright Cox

  • AS-Path Prepending - “there is no rose without a thorn” - 10/2020, Marcos/ Prehn/ Leal/ Dainotti/ Feldmann/ Barcellos

  • On Desktop GUI Minimalism - “The spirit of the Macintosh spread throughout all of computing; the GUI was inexorably the future. However, at some point, the developers of these environments lost their way.” - 09/2023, mycophobia.org

  • The Decline of Usability - “There was a time (roughly between 1994 and 2012) when a reasonably computer-literate user could sit down in front of almost any operating system and quickly get to grips with the GUI, no matter what their home base was..” - 2020, C. Svensson

  • How to Take Back the Internet - “Cory Doctorow talks about everything that threatens to make the internet “a toxic waste dump”—and the ways you can regain control of your choices online.” - 09/2023, Have a Nice Future podcast

  • Neocities - “is a social network […] bringing back the lost individual creativity of the web.”, neocities.org

  • Blue Dwarf - “A Small Social Network for the Small Web”

  • Project Gemini - “Gemini is a new internet technology supporting an electronic library of interconnected text documents.” - geminiprotocol.net

  • twtxt - “a decentralised, minimalist microblogging service for hackers” - 11/2022, buckket

  • Proprietary Surveillance - “Nonfree (proprietary) software is very often malware (designed to mistreat the user).” - gnu.org

A cute beagle is sitting by his computer, which shows pop-up ads for a yummy bone, a dog toy, and a comfortable-looking doggy bed. These ads partially cover the text of an article by Richard Stallman, How Much Surveillance Can Democracy Withstand? (only visible in the large picture). The dog is wondering, 'How did they find out I'm a dog?'
(© 2014 Richard Stallman and Antonomakia - Source)
  • Linux becoming a Windows / OSX clone - “A rant about the complexity of modern Linux distributions, which places them on par with the opaqueness of Windows and OSX.” - 09/2023, C. D. Craciun

  • how does linux nat a ping? - 09/2023, W. Daly

  • The roots of an obscure Bourne shell error message - “It’s hard to see any simple change in the Bourne shell that could avoid this error, because each of the individual parts are sensible in isolation.” - 09/2023, C. Siebenmann

  • make as a Static Site Generator - “Having your own static site generator in only six simple lines in a Makefile is great!” - 06/2022, K. Bartel

  • The Linux Information Project - “This project is dedicated to providing high quality, comprehensive and easily accessible information about Linux and other free software.” - linfo.org

  • Milk-V Vega - “the World’s First RISC-V Open Source 10 Gigabit Ethernet Switch” - 08/2023, milkv.io

  • Why did Visual Basic die? - 09/2023, Ask HN

  • We can’t send mail farther than 500 miles.. - “A little bit more, actually. Call it 520 miles.”, T. Harris

  • OpenBSD Webzine - “Your tasty dose of OpenBSD news” - webzine.puffy.cafe

  • wizard zines - “programming zines by Julia Evans” - 2021

  • Fantastic Learning Resources - “Learning to Code” - 08/2023, A. Kladov

  • A Road to Common Lisp - “Escaping the Hamster Wheel of Backwards Incompatibility” - 08/2018, S. Losh

  • How to learn Emacs - “This guide is aimed at computer programmers who want to master the GNU Emacs text editor.” - 04/2012, D. Röthlisberger

  • Computer Science from the Bottom Up - “[…] some good reference manuals, two or three years of C experience and, just maybe, you might be able to figure out where to start looking to make sense of it all.” - 2004–2022, I. Wienand

  • MenuetOS - “an operating system in development for PC, written fully in assembly language (64bit and 32bit)” - menuetos.net

  • Hypervisor From Scratch - “A tutorial on creating a hypervisor from scratch “ - 09/2022, Rayanfam

  • Gossip protocol - “A gossip protocol or epidemic protocol is a procedure or process of computer peer-to-peer communication that is based on the way epidemics spread.” - en.wikipedia.org

  • An Internet of PHP - “Companies young and old, small and big, might not be utilising the software stacks we hear talked about most in public spaces. This is especially true outside the bubble of personal projects and cash-burning startups.” - 09/2023, T. Tijhof

  • Choose Boring Technology - “The nice thing about boringness (so constrained) is that the capabilities of these things are well understood. But more importantly, their failure modes are well understood.” - 03/2015, D. McKinley

  • The Kermit Project - “Kermit is a robust and portable platform-and-transport-independent file-transfer protocol and a large collection of software programs that implement it on a wide variety of platforms.” - 2023, F. Cruz

A portion of a typical Windows desktop showing the Kermit 95 2.0 Dialer and one of its Settings pages, along with several active K95 terminal sessions.
(Kermit95 - Source)
Barren Planet: The Polar Expedition
("Barren Planet: The Polar Expedition" - CYNINGSTAN - Source)
  • Build Your Own Flight Sim In C++ - DOS GameDev - 1996, M. Radtke / C. Lampton

  • MScSim - “Simple flight simulator.” - 04/2021, M. Cel

  • The Birth of Windows Gaming - “Software is a fluid that expands to fill its container” - 09/2023, B. M. White

  • Game Maker 2.0 - 2000, M. Overmars, archive.org

  • Bitty Engine - “is a cross-platform itty bitty Game Engine and open-source Framework”

  • LÖVE - “an awesome framework you can use to make 2D games in Lua” - love2d.org

  • Simple Game Tutorials - “Step-by-step tutorials for programming simple games!”

  • ClassiCube - “a custom Minecraft Classic compatible client written in C from scratch.” - 2023, UnknownShadow200

  • The Pirate Preservationists - “When keeping cultural archives safe means stepping outside the law” - 10/2023, J. Walker

  • List of websites excluded from the Wayback Machine - “This page collects sites that are manually excluded from the Wayback Machine.” - archiveteam.org

  • Baresip - “a portable and modular SIP User-Agent with audio and video support” - 2023, A. E. Heggestad et al.

  • MaraDNS - “A small open-source DNS server”, samiam.org

  • Lwan - “a high-performance & scalable web server” - lwan.ws

  • GoatCounter - open-source, privacy-friendly web analytics

  • Simple Mobile Tools - “simple, open source Android apps without ads and unnecessary permissions” - simplemobiletools.com

  • Johnny•Decimal - “A system to organise projects”, 2023, J. Noble

  • csvbase - “a simple web database” - csvbase.com

  • Pure.css - “A set of small, responsive CSS modules”, purecss.io

  • B612 Font family - “an highly legible open source font family designed and tested to be used on aircraft cockpit screens.” - b612-font.com

  • OpenMoji - “Open-source emojis for designers, developers and everyone else!” - openmoji.org

  • Tracking and detection of SSH tunnels - 05/2015, trisul.org

  • Bro - “An Open Source Network Intrusion Detection System” - 2003, R. Sommer, Computer Science Department TU München, Germany

  • How Far Back in Time Can I Take My Website’s Design - “A look back through web-browser history, as I test my site against the browsers of the past.” - 05/2023, ~ajxs